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Unpredictable IT costs place a real burden on your business. BIS’s Managed Services offering gives you a predictable monthly IT expense. From simple daily monitoring to a full Managed Services program, including a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, we can design a plan to fit your needs and budget.

Our Managed Services suite consists of the following:

  • ·        Daily Monitoring
  • ·        User Profile Maintenance
  • ·        Windows Client/Server Patch Management
  • ·        Anti-virus Pattern File Updates
  • ·        Service Pack/Upgrade Installation
  • ·        System Restore Verification
  • ·        Comprehensive Anti Spam Offering
  • ·        Disaster Recovery
  • ·        Desktop Maintenance and Service
  • ·        Periodic On Site Maintenance
  • ·        3rd Party Vendor Interface

Let us design a Managed Services Plan for you today to enable you to run your business. BIS provides a solid foundation for these initiatives and allows your company to maximize its IT investment.