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Do you have mix-match of several existing computers that need to be updated and networked? We have worked with many companies and firms to connect, or

better connect, their stand alone PCs with a custom server system.  As a certified professional with Microsoft® and IBM®, we are very familiar with how to integrate the best of new and the old technologies.

Some of the features we can incorporate in your system include:

  • Microsoft Outlook for each desktop which includes calendars, contact list, tasks, etc.
  • Shared and Private Address / Contact / Client lists.
  • Shared library with various security levels to control specific access.
  • Remote access: satellite offices, home, hotels  – dial in or VPN.
  • Fax capability from every desktop.
  • Firewall and proxy server protection.
  • Mirrored drives for fault tolerance, backup and long term data storage.
  • UPS power loss protection…don’t lose that all nighter!

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